My mom wants to make me live with my F.U.C.K.E.D. up alcoholic of a father. What should I do?:( ?

My grades have been horrible, and I'm not doing too well in school. My mom told me yesterday that she couldn't handle my unneeded stress and that she was gonna call my dad and send me to live with him. It broke my heart. My dads abusive. And he's an alcoholic. And I know he's not gonna want me with him. We don't get along, and I can hardly stand a weekend with him. What should I do? I want to promise to her that Im gonna get my grades up, but she won't listen to me. I'm pissed. And there's no one else in the bay area that I can live with. :/ any advice?

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    Explain to her that the situation she is putting you in is hardly going to guarantee your success. Is that the model she wants for you? To give up and put the burden on someone else? Pawning you off on your dad is hardly going to teach you to deal with the situation. You need to be responsible for your own actions and stop playing around in school it's not a social gathering so use your time wisely. I wish I would have. Sit closer to the front of the room and do your homework in class instead of talking and you will see immediate improvement. Go to school and work out a plan with some of your teachers detailing how you plan to improve your grade average. Show this to your mom and ask her if you can come to an agreement. Whatever you do own up to your problems and admit faults when necessary. She might be more lenient with you when she sees you care and are taking steps to solve the problem. Be positive, be straightforward be honest with your teachers meaning don't blame the grades on others or situations- definitely don't blame it on their teaching lol. Just go to them and say you have not been adequately using your time in school- and that you plan to get assignments done in class before you leave! Don't wait til later and talk to your friends. If you are being withdrawn and not talking then you need to study and put effort in. Do you have any extra curricular activities going on? maybe cut some out if you're too busy. If you don't have any hobbies/ extracurricular add some when you get your grades up. You need motivation!

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    If she has primary custody over you, she has no right to send you there. Especially if you're old enough by your state's law to determine which one to live with yourself. Most states allow the minor child to decide at 13-14 years of age, some even younger. Check California law on this. Call Child Protective Services if you need to, especially since the dad is an alcoholic. Her stress may not hjust be coming from you, but all around, from work, new boyfriend, whatever.

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    You need a licensed Family Therapist's help before you make any changes. The fact that your grades haven't been what you want, plus your mom's statement, indicate to me that there is at least one very serious issue involved.

    Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire -- refuse to go to your father's until you and your mom have consulted a licensed Family Therapist.

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    don't move.explain to her.

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