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How do I get all my hair to be wavy?

The top layer of my hair is straight, but all the hair underneath is naturally really wavy. I really want to be able to just dry my hair and leave it wavy, but the very top layer always fall straight which makes it look bad so I just end up spending forever straightening it all. Is there anything I can do to make the top just as wavy as the bottom?

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    why dont you use your hair straighteners and make it wavy at the top?

    or you could use mousse and scrunch it?

    or you could tie it in plats before bed and take it out in the morning ?

    Hope you find a way! xx

  • 9 years ago

    there's alot of things really

    Method 1) Get your hair in a bun right at the top of your head for the night before bed and in the morning it will be curly

    Method 2) Put it in 2 plaits TIGHT ones either side of your head or loads of little ones

    Method 3) get the straighteners and go IN AND OUT IN AND OUT

    they will definitely get you curly/wavy hair

    answer mine please?

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