Why don't I feel drunk anymore?

Lately I've noticed that when I'm drinking I drink enough to know that I am drunk but I don't feel drunk at all. I don't get that warm or dizzy feeling like I used to. The only real reason I know I'm drunk is because I know how much I drank and I'm more talkative and clumsy. Although I notice these things, I don't feel drunk on the inside (if that makes any sense) so it leads me to believe I'm a lot more sober than I actually am. Why is this?


I'm not an alcoholic; I'm in college.

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  • Jak
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    9 years ago
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    you are building a tolerance. Start drinking a little more at a time.

  • 9 years ago

    You may have built up a tolerance.

    You may be more able to "hide" the effects of drinking.

    This is not a good sign because it means that are on a bad path when you start building up a tolerance.

    Lastly you need to be careful because when this happens this can reverse itself all of the sudden with out warning. In other words your tolerance could go way down all of the sudden with out warning.

    You may be on the road to alcoholism.

  • K M T
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    9 years ago

    lt means you need more and more alcohol to reach that fuzzy feeling so you are becoming more alcohol dependent. This is not a good sign...you are damaging your liver and if you carry on the way you are going you will become an alcoholic.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your tolerance has risen which means you need more and more alcohol to get that comfortable feeling you are craving. Be very careful.....cut back on consumption.

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