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my DD for my refund was suppose to be in 1/25 and its two days later and still nothing..anyone else?

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    Yea...I am in the club 31 too. I spoke to my tax prep first this morn and she made it seem like a BAD thing if you still said the 31st of Jan. because that meant you hadnt updated yet. She went on to tell me that most of her clients, including herself, had updated and moved to feb 21st. So, I called a rep about 9:30am and after a long hold the rep checked my info and said that I had been processed and would be dd on Feb 3rd. I guess I believe that...i mean at this point I have been checking and checking until the disappointment could only get worse if someone told me my whole refund was siezed because of some penalty or something. At least I am gettin a refund.


    So the system may CRASH

    cause too many want their CASH

    we work so hard all YEAR

    that all we want to HEAR

    is how do you want your MONEY

    can i buy you 2 of those HONEY

    I am sick of changing a DATE

    all my bills will be super LATE

    I'm going to hug my kids to relieve the STRESS

    and like any good mom...teach them to say #### the IRS !!

    UPDATE: I have a DD of FEB 1st

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    If you look around here on yahoo, 95% of users are having the same problem.

    There have been delays at the IRS, due to technical difficulties of the new system they intended to use this year. All the returns in those first few batches prior to Jan 24th, have been delayed, some even up to February 21st! My status on the Where's My Refund site has just updated from the generic Jan 31st to a definitive Jan 30th, so I'm going to trust that, since it's been updated. With any luck, yours might have been too.

    Check your refund status:

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    I called this morning and was actually the first caller for the IRS rep. She was very nice and helpful. We were on for 45 minutes, but she did her research. She said the WMR is wrong. She said that if it is stating you are still processing until Jan. 31st, you will have your money by Feb. 3rd. She actually looked up my information and told me I was in the batch that was delayed. Which is if your company sent it over before the 11th. She stated the system is backed up, but only delayed by a week. So if you still have the processing of Jan. 31st, you will get yours next week. She said the system isn't always updating correctly either. I actually even called back 2 more times to ensure I was getting accurate information. All 3 reps said that it is being deposited by 2/3. The WMR system will update over the weekend.

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    I just spoke to my tax service. They stated the IRS is experiencing delays. Anyone that filed between Jan 17th and Jan 24th will not be able to recieve money until Jan 30th through Feb. 7th. This is due to problems with the IRS's new system, they are having problems with verification numbers of the applications of those that filed between the above dates. If you have any questions I am sure your tax service would be happy to answer them for you.

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  • 9 years ago

    There has been a 1 week delay.

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