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Help identifying a WWII-era US military jacket?

I was given (what I was told is) a WWII US military Eisenhower jacket. I do not have the knowledge necessary to properly identify the patches. Would anyone care to help me a little?

Images of the jacket:

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    Corporal in the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One), US Army

    Distinguished Unit Wreath on right sleeve

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    Yes, this is a authentic WWII Khaki uniform jacket. The stripes indicate the rank of Corporal.

    The shoulder patch is from the "First Division" U.S. Army or as they were called "The Big Red One"

    The small patch on the right sleeve is a company designator patch for "head quarters company" Infantry

    The jacket was typically worn with the Khaki slacks a tan shirt and a tie. Combat boots were optional in the European theatre. the other option was "low quarter " dress shoes, highly polished.

    Did you find a name tag in the inside pocket or neck collar? There may also be a serial number for the person that the jacket was issued to. Let me know. This is a nice find amigo

    Source(s): U.S. Navy retired and a military historian
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    Any maker labels or stencils inside the jacket?

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    Kay, I took a appear but I can not establish it off hand. There have been many medals designed in the course of WWII. It perhaps less difficult if you happen to posted an precise snapshot of the medal. Mainly they're going to have phrases that give a hint to the which means. One other supply would be his discharge papers which would identify all medals authorized for him on the time he left the army. Should you don't have a duplicate of it, you will be ready to get one from the County Clerks place of business (where he lived upon return), the State division of Veterans Affairs, or St. Louis, MO (however they'd a fireplace that destroyed many files). He would normally have a copy in a box somewhere with different essential papers.

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