Best weapon in skyrim and where to find it?

Any info is great!

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    Since you can create weapons I don't know if there is a best. Heres a creation formula


    #1 buy/find a weapon with a fire enchant ment

    #2 get whatever bow u want (cant be enchanted already)

    #3 go to arcane enchanter (thers 1 in dragonsreach where the court wizard usually is)

    #4 go to disenchant and select the weapon with fire enchantment to learn it (this will destroy the item) (it wont disenchant if u already know the enchantment)

    #5 go to item and select ur bow

    #6 go to enchantment select fire and push the slider across to determine how strong it is(weaker enchantments get more charges befor needing to be recharged but they r extremely weak)

    #7 go to soul gems the higher the soul gem the more powerful the enchantment(in orderof power black soul gem>grand soul gem>greater soul gem>common soul gem>lesser soul gem>petty soul gem.)if it says grand soul gem(grand) it means its fulled with a grand soul if it says grand soul gem (common) it only has the power of a common soul gem(this is with all soul gems not just grand)

    #8down the bottom it will say (button u need to push depending on console) enchant push that button

    #9 when the enchantments run out go to weapons go to ur bow down the bottom left it will say(button you need to push dependin on console) recharge push that and choose the filled soul gem u want to use to recharge(now choosing a weak soulgem wont affect the power of enchnatment just how much recharge it gets it usualy take more than one soul gem)

    important tip:enchant one of ur weapons with soul trap it will full an empty soul gem and if u buy empty soul gems and fill them yourself it saves up to 600 gold per gem(ur gonna need heaps of soul gems in skyrim im talkin hundreds so it saves heaps all added up) if u still dont fully understand comment on one of my questions and i will make a vid post it on youtube and give u the link hope this helped it was hard to write and took ages lol

    •That's the enchantments i've put on my items and they make the Elder dragon look like a skeever :)

    But my character is a warrior/mage although he uses mainly conjuration and destruction. 6 to 7 hits and the dragon dies :)

    1.Make sure you have the Extra effect perk.

    2.On the Daedric bow place Absorb health and Shock damage

    3.On the Daedric sword place Fire damage and Shock damage

    4.Daedric armor- Destruction spells and Conjuration spells

    5.Daedric boots -One handed and Muffle enchantments

    6.Daedric gauntlets- One handed and Magicka

    7. Daedric helmet-Magicka and Conjuration spells

    8.Daedric shield- Health and Magic resistance

    9.Enchant yourself a ring- 50 Magicka and One handed damage

    10.Take the Gauldur Amulet or make yourself an amulet with - 50 magicka and destruction/ conjuration spells :)

    PS : you must use BLACK SOUL GEM or GRAND SOUL GEM or AZURA'S STAR WITH A GRAND SOUL IN IT otherwise the enchantmets become weak ....

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    There is a weapon called the Chillrend and it takes fifteen points of frost damage and paralyzes the enemy for 2 seconds.

    You can find this weapon during the quest "The Pursuit" during on of the Thieves Guild quests.

    Or you could travel to Riften and locate Mercey Frey's House in Riften. Once you get there you have to pick the pick on the gate at the back of the house then you will find a balcony with a ladder which hasnt been dropped down if you havent completed the quest above but there is a barrel with you climb on the climb on to the roof of the house opposite Mercey Frey's house then you make your way to the top of the roof the jump onto Mercey Frey's roof the make your way to the top the fall down into the balcony and open the door. You will have to fight a few enemies but after that look for a wardrobe that has a suspicious cabinet which you will open and make your way through the tunnels and traps the into a room with a display case with the Chillrend in it.

    After that you can upgrade the sword.

    Trust me its all worth it after all that and I hope this helped.

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    9 years ago

    the best weapons in skyrim are daedric weapons, especially upgraded but you will need 90 crafting to make them.

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  • 5 years ago

    It helps when you upgrade your weapons and armor via smithing. However Daedric weapons have the absolute best injury output (if you have no DLC). Thing is, you won't be equipped to get those for a whilst. For now, attempt to get yoyur hands on a dwarven or elven blade, myabe which you can gte an ebony weapon too? And then ultimately a daedric weapon. Every other first rate weapons are : Windshear: can also be acquired on the bow of the ship that seems while you do the final dark Brotherhood mission. It can be way out on the very egde of the bow. No longer the greatest injury output, however it has an amazing stagger outcomes: Mehrunes Razor: A rather nice dagger. Head to Dawnstar and in finding the "Mythic daybreak Musuem" to start the search. And do as Lord Dagon commands, adequate? Mace of Molag Baal: I hav nevere rather used it myself, nevertheless it appears kinda quality. Quest starts in Markarth. Hope this helps.

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