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how to stop someone from stalking?

I met this stranger on the subway and we started talking. I found him a bit creepy as he knows where i work and what phone i uses. I was shocked that he knew my morning routine as well. He practically said this to me : "I see you take the morning newspaper everyday right?" and "You're using the samsung phone right?" It seems like he's been keeping his eyes on me for awhile.

He asked for my number and i gave him a fake one. However he caught me lying thus was forced to give him my real number. It was a huge mistake as he started texting and calling me non stop ever since that day. I have never once responded to his texts nor calls. What should i do to stop him from calling? I'm living in a 3rd world country and it is very under developed therefore my phone provider does not have such thing as "blocking a specific number".

I'm a bit afraid of taking the subway as well as i fear that i might bump into him again. Help. I'm really disturbed by this stalker.

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    Tell him you're not interested, tell him that you don't have time for a relationship of any sort because you keep yourself busy and that you only use your phone for family and emergencies. This way he doesn't feel like he's the problem when you reject him. Because if you make him feel like a weirdo and he is one then he might just become even more weird and a bigger stalker. Be smart about it, good luck.

    P.S. If he doesn't stop then, you should have the police write a report for future reference in case he ever passes the line.

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    Call the cops and tell them. I understand you live in a third world country however I am sure there are polices. Call them and tell them they will give him a warning stick with other peopole on the bus like people that are nice that look really strong wants you get to know those people tell them the situation.

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    Some people are weird. The more you ignore them the more they stick on you. Get someone else to walk with you around the subway, or try using later routines. If it gets too serious you have to tell the cops about it.

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    first not respond to his text or call tell some one in your home about this be alert every time u go out and check were he lived or whats he wants. never make eye contact with him just ignore him as much as u can.if he try to talk to u never answer him

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    Get the authorities involved.. Fill out a police report... change ur phone number and if he does not stop harassing you buy a gun and blow his fuckn brains out... Don't take this lightly..

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    break his right hand, that will stop him from calling and texting.or you could just text him back this "if you don't stop calling and texting me I will have my bf whip your ***." you can still text him that, even if you are single.

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    Call the police and tell them all this.

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    9 years ago

    you should have not given him your number you dumb dumb

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