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Is there any hope at all for curing my depression and ADHD?

At this point, I feel like I'm worse on medication than off, and I've tried pretty much every drug there is. Of course, life still sucks either way. I don't know how much longer I can live like this. I just want to feel normal!


I think my living situation is seriously destroying me. I just need to get out of this toxic environment... if only I knew how.

Update 2:

I'm sick of treatment. I don't want to treat my problems; I want to cure them. I want to live my life like a normal person without being dependent on drugs and other stuff.

The problem with these drugs is that even if something actually works, it's only a temporary fix. Eventually, I have to experiment all over again. I can't do that for the rest of my life!

I don't want to talk to a stupid therapist about my feelings either. I can rant all I want on the Internet for free.

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    I think you very well may be worse on on the medication. There is a HUGE problem in the US of over medicating EVERYTHING. All those ads you see about "Does your child have ADHD?" crap. It is all the drug companies trying desperately to make more money. They try to convince as many people as they can, to drug as many people as they can. There is actually NO research on the effects of psychiatric drugs on children. None.

    So in my opinion, the first step would be to get off the medication. Only if you are comfortable with that of course, and I know with most medications you are not just supposed to stop taking it. You ween your self off, taking less and less each week. So be careful! Do not just STOP taking anything.

    I mean think about it, if your living situation is what is toxic to you and what is causing your depression and ADHD, then why give you a pill? To try and cover it up? No. When you think about it, its like a situation where you are being abused at home. So they give you a pill that covers up your emotions and makes you "happy". That does not in any way fix the abuse problem. It's rather idiotic in my mind. (Different situation with someone with no reason to be depressed, or has a mental disorder where they cannot tell reality from hallucination.)

    You CAN fix these things yourself. You can completely heal these things all on your own without any medication. I did it. My sister had a bad accident when I was in sixth grade, broke her leg so baldy shes had several surgeries and is technically disabled. The doctors say she will be in a wheelchair in the next five years. So basically, my family fell apart. Parents pull away and became depressed, my sister teased me so much, got my little brother to do it to, to the point where I started starving myself. Parents did nothing to help. I ended up with NO self esteem whatsoever. Got myself into two abusive relationships, starting when I was barely 14. By the end of them, I was cutting and burning myself with cleaning chemicals, had nearly daily panic attacks, and was suicidal.

    But I met someone who changed everything. He loved me in a way that did not enable my insecurities, in a loving gentle way, forced me to calm down and think rationally. A year later, no panic attacks. No self harm. Even when things get bad, I never go back to that point.

    So you CAN do it. Completely. Start by removing toxic things from your life (the ones you can of course). Harmful substances, harmful friends or just harmful people, anything like that. Anything making you feel worse. Then, if you simply CANNOT get out of your living situation (trust me I know the feeling, I am counting down the days till I turn 18) do what you can to make it easier. Whether that means getting out as much as you can, or lying low and doing everything to not cause contention, trying to maybe help some issues (it is hard to say without actually knowing the situation) and anything you can think of to help it.

    Try meditation. Meditate on yourself, what you need to make yourself feel better. Try to relax your entire body and feel where you are holding tension, and breath it away. This is great for your ADHD and if you ever feel anxious.

    Try exercising. If you are into sports that is great to! Exercise releases endorphin that make you feel good and can help fight depression very effectively.

    Try finding a hobby you really like. Preferably one that helps you express your emotions. For me it was composing piano music and photography. I always go to these things when I feel trapped in this house, to help me release all that tension. So try music, art, writing, dance, sports, anything!

    Think of it as you are the most important. Making YOU happy is exactly what matters. Do whatever you need to do (not anything harmful of course, do not try to drink yourself to happiness) to make yourself happy. It helps me to remember that everyone in my house does not know me, not one bit. So any opinion they have of me, anything they might say to me, is completely immediately invalidated. Because you cannot pass judgment on something you know nothing about.

    I wish you the best of luck and I really hope this helps!

    Source(s): personal experience, advice from several mental health professionals, extensive research
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    I don't think that there's a cure for depression and ADHD, but I wouldn't lose hope of finding an effective treatment or combination of treatments. The process of finding an effective medication can by trying, but if you do find a medication is at least somewhat effective, then the process can be worthwhile. I would also consider supplementing your medical treatment with psychotherapy. When it comes to the treatment of depression, medication treatment with psychotherapy has been shown to be more effective than either treatment alone. Cognitive-behavioral therapy tends to be the most effective form of therapy for depression, but there are other forms of therapy that some might find to be more suitable for their individual needs.

    In addition to medication and psychotherapy, some techniques that you can use to try to reduce your symptoms include vigorous exercise, meditation, and bibliotherapy (reading self-help books). Finally, many individuals with depression and ADHD are helped by dietary supplements. Supplements that are commonly used for depression include St. John's Wort, SAM-e, fish oil, B vitamins, Rhodiola rosea, and 5-HTP. Some supplements that may help ADHD include American ginseng, ginkgo biloba, l-tyrosine, dl-phenylalanine, pcynogenol, and grape seed extract. So, all in all, there are a lot of treatment options available that stand a chance of helping those suffering from depression and ADHD, and the more treatment strategies you try, the greater your chances are of reducing the severity of your symptoms.

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    man to tell you the truth that's all a mental problem.. If you study history you'll find out that the cure for many diseases have been kept from us. Mental diseases are cured in your own mind.. You have to be conscious of your self if you wish to know whats wrong with you.. You have to go deep into your thoughts and find ll the tramatic experiences you've ever had. Then just accept them for what ever they are. Accept your self for who you are. Those are the "monsters in your closet".. release them. expose them to the light.. Dont be ashamed to be who you are.. Peoples opinions dont matter.. Do what you want to do because it makes you happy just like you shouldnt act like someone your not because youll be unhappy. Money doesnt make us happy, having a lot of cars or girls doesnt make us happy. thats why rich people are miserable.. That is an EGO problem which is the physical demon trying to dominate own everything and when it gets real serious they start harming others even themselves.. FInd your true self. Love you for who you are. Be happy, no one can make you happy but yourself. Just throw on a smile right hand over your heart and say I LOVE WHO I AM! NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT ME. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE MY LIFE, FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Look for motivation.. Dont stay in the past because the past is the past you are in the present which is the gift of life so look foward to the future and enjoy life! We only have one!! Also Do meditation.. the breathing techniques.. it'll really calm your body and relax yourself and mind.. it really helps.. if you need any more help message me

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    smoke weed

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