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why do conservatives hate Spanish so much?

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    Your questions makes no sense. Who says conservatives hate Spanish?? Do you have any facts on this or did you just make it up? Also do you mean the spanish language or spanish people?

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    It comes down to fear. Racism is rooted in the survival instinct and the feeling that one can succeed if they are a part of the higher group and this means keeping the other groups down. For instance, many Caucasians are afraid that if they do not remain the most powerful race, that they will be in danger financially and just in terms of general well-being. There are people in every race (and religion) who will also have these types of feelings. Politicians (and loud-mouths) exploit this by inciting fear into people by telling them in subtle ways that other races, religions, or groups (Muslims, illegal aliens, etc.) are going to either eventually outnumber them, overpower them, or otherwise compromise their well-being. Such as with the controversy about border crossings; people in Mexico cross the border illegally to find a better life for their families, but people who are afraid for their personal well-being see this as a threat because they may take jobs away from them. Is it true? I don’t’ know, but conservatives are more likely to be against it because they are notoriously more interested in their personal well-being and have a “survival-of-the-fittest” ideal. It’s very convenient for those who are already wealthy and powerful, isn’t it?

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    Another question based on Ignorance and Bias.

    Conservatives do not like paying for and loosing jobs to Illegal Aliens who will work for nothing just to survive because they can't live within the borders if their Own Nation and refuse to take action to remedy the cause of their alienation from their own homeland.

    Conservatives Love Hispanic people who come here legally and contribute their greatness to our diverse Nation.

    Stop falling for Leftist Liberal Lies and educate yourself.

  • Andy
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    9 years ago

    I've never known anyone to hate the language. Some dislike that it's pretty hard to communicate with someone who ONLY speaks Spanish in a place that has it's MENU in English though...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Slow down there, I thought conservatives hated Latinos.

    Spaniards are European.

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    9 years ago

    @Shovel Ready: It's sad seeing how a person can be so ignorant. Are you saying my language isn't able to express "abstractions" when your language has no grammar? Let me to teach you from the "academical" point of view. First, I give you a English class.

    In English there are really TWO tenses: PAST and NO-PAST. An English regular verb has only "FOUR" possible conjugations (to use: "use", uses", "used" and "using") and irregular verb can have until "FIVE" possible conjugations (to speak: "speak", "speaks", "speaking", spoke", "spoken"). The rest is done by auxiliars: will, would, can, may, might...


    So, in English, your "tangled"abstractions are expressed into a very simple form. Evidently, you don't realize because you are monolingual...

    OK?? Lesson one completed.


    Now I'd like to teach you a language that you possibly know "very well".

    Spanish is romance language, its denomination derives from its origin (Latin) and the capacity of this last language to express "feelings" (definition ==> no real objects).

    In Spanish, there are TWO verbs for "to be" ("ser" and "estar"), TWO verbs for "to have" ("tener" and "haber"), 17 verb tenses (four forms of past), genders, a developed subjunctive mood [a thing you will never learn], agrement between words. BUT what makes the difference is its deep verb conjugation.


    "To do"

    I did

    You did

    He/She/It did

    We did

    They did

    OH HOW DIFFICULT!!!! Watch these ones:

    Infinitive: Hacer

    Participle: Hecho

    Gerund. Haciendo

    PAST 1: Preterite

    (Yo) hice

    (Tú) hiciste

    (Él/Ella/Usted) hizo

    (Nosotros/as) hicimos

    (Vosotros/as) hicisteis

    (Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes) hicieron

    PAST 2: Imperfect of Indicative

    (Yo) hacía

    (Tú) hacías

    (Él/Ella/Usted) hacía

    (Nosotros/as) hacíamos

    (Vosotros/as) hacíais

    (Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes) hacían

    PAST 3: Imperfect I of Subjunctive

    (Yo) hiciera

    (Tú) hicieras

    (Él/Ella/Usted) hiciera

    (Nosotros/as) hiciéramos

    (Vosotros/as) hicierais

    (Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes) hicieran

    PAST 4: Imperfect II of Subjunctive

    (Yo) hiciese

    (Tú) hicieses

    (Él/Ella/Usted) hiciese

    (Nosotros/as) hiciésemos

    (Vosotros/as) hicieseis

    (Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes) hiciesen

    As you can see, a only form in English ("did") can be translated into Spanish in 24 forms. And if you count the rest, there are more than 250 forms per Spanish verb.

    A final note: In Spanish there are approximately 350 irregular verbs.

    NOW LET'S SHOUT: God blesses America and its English, the hardest language in the world!!!


  • 9 years ago

    You mean like the Bush brothers....who all campaigned in Spanish?

    You mean like Alberto Gonzalez....the highest Latino appointment NOT touted for his race?

    You mean like all those conservative voters in California that struck down the gay marriage minority?

  • 9 years ago

    They (we) don't hate it, they just think English should be the official language of Government & The United States and that every young person should learn English so they have more opportunities to get a job.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't, I just don't see the good in encouraging its growth in the United States. Language barriers have never really been a good thing in a society. It creates misunderstandings, costs society a lot more money (having to teach, send out documents etc. in multiple languages) and is otherwise divisive.

    My grandparents arrived in the U.S. in the early 1900s with-out speaking a lick of English. When I was born I never heard them speak Dutch nor was my mother ever taught. They adopted the dominate language for there own benefit and to be apart of the "melting pot." It is hard to be apart of said "melting pot" when you refuse to be added to said "pot" and decide to isolate yourself.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The language? I usta like hearing it, till hearing it meant the invasion was close to home.

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