How should I ask my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I are 18 and have been together for three months.I'm really shy and have always had a very hard time asking people to hang out -- in fact, for years, I didn't do it at all. I've asked him before, but it was hard. We've hung out roughly about once a week since we've been together. But last time we hung out we had a really bad time, sort of a fight, though we're all better now. He's been telling me how much he loves me and how he misses me, and we've had fun at school together. I want to hang out with him this weekend, and I was hoping he'd ask, but he hasn't. Should I? Will I seem too clingy? And how should I do it? Thanks guys!

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    Some guys are shy or slow to act. That can be a result of many things going for him. Since he says he loves you, then slowly guide him into asking you out - lead him from behind. The way to do that is to open a conversation like "what are you doing this weekend?; I am thinking of something exciting to do this weekend or somewhere exciting to go - any ideas? Or it could be Are you planning to repeat the boring way you spent last weekend?"

    Is it okay to ask him if he is not asking? YES. But you've got to know that he has not already have a plan. If he does thena ask (or plan) how you could be a part of that plan. He probably want to be with you just like you want to be with him. But don't hide your desire for his company. Have courage.

  • 9 years ago

    are you sure you are 18 and that you are acually boyfriend and girlfriend ? you generally hang out with your mates bf and gf generally spend time together and shouldnt need to ask. tx him or call him

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