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None of the Banks are too big to Fail?

Cause my monies in a Swiss Bank, or in Gold..

Trickle-Down,..Ah..Hah ha..Save us Suweet Baby Jesus,..Amen..


Yas..Yas..Let them fail.. Let them eat Cake..We moved the money to the Bahama's..Actually nothing's in America except Corporate Headquarters, and us upper-management,..Everything else is overseas..Cheap Labor..Cheap Manufacture..Hell,..even 30% of revenues..

Only Problem is that the other 70 % of Revenues is steadily falling off?..What's up with that?..

And Get this... Headquarters is in a State that's Tax Free..We've even managed a few Subsidies(Money from the Tax Payer)..Incentives..Ah Hah Ha..Life is Good..

And my Pay,..30% is in Stock options, at a Tax Rate of no more than 15%,..Total..Ah Hah ha, secretary pays 38%..Worst than Buffets..Hah Ha..

20 million at 15%..actually its 46 million at 14.3%,..and 20 million at Life is Good..Think I'll retire..I Deserve it..

I'm so Good, I should run for President...First Bill, capital Gains Ah Hah Ha..

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    Yeah I like 0% capital gains because capital gains tax is the job creator.

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