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how would karl marx understand the occupy wall street?

How would Marx feel about the movement?


FYI- I don't want your OWN opinion- this is for RESEARCH purposes only. Thanks in advance.

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    He'd just get drunk and beat his wife

  • poplin
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    those idiots think of they're protesting the suggestions-blowing wing. the fact is they're protesting themselves because of the fact it became into the DNC who did each and every of the bailouts, gave wall street the tax breaks etc. WALL street will pay off/donates to the DNC because of the fact they'd be greater persuaded/bribed to the Wall street's attitude aka banks being waiting to charge for amenities. which you would be able to answer your question why Wall street? the comparable reason the terrorist focused the twin Towers. They the two signify unfastened commerce, capitalism and private freedom FROM government.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The problem with OWS is that they often don't have a clear political position, and that they aren't very organized. It's basically just a lot of people who are angry at the way things are, and demand change, not neccessarily knowing, or agreeing on, what that change is going to look like. Nevertheless, it's very impressive, and this is how all movements begin. Something can grow out of it, or not.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Who cares? Only conservatives trying to demonize Democrats mention Marx anymore.

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