We bought a home that had Verizon Fios installed. We want to remove the interface box.?

We want to remove the interface box, but Verizon will not do it because we do not have a contract with them. Can we cut it out ourselves or have our electrician do it?


My box is plugged in and drawing power. If I unplug it, that stupid beeping begins. The Verizon idiots I talked to said there's nothing they can do about it without a contract. But it's their equipment! I may just have my electrician get rid of it and throw the stupid thing away. Verizon is awful!

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  • 9 years ago
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    After "disconnect" Verizon leaves the equipment in place should the next owner want FIOS. Ask them why they don't want to recover their equipment. Most of the time your present phone, tv, and internet run on the same "in the house" lines as the fios. The company doesn't want to rewire your house at there expense...especially when your not getting service from them! I had fios..because the expense I can no longer afford the service was terminated..but the box is still there...I just left it in place as mine is "out side the house" and covered by shrubs so its not seen. It draws no power and isn't costing me anything so I leave it alone!

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