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Simple Question??? Who is the "Little Guy" and why on earth would someone live their entire life as one?

How many others have heard this all their lives from Liberal and Democrats? How Republicans don't care about the "Little Guy" WHO is this?

I have never, and I mean never met a Liberal or Democrat who spouts this BS who's not ALREADY living well beyond what their Intelligence Level or Job Skills would otherwise dictate in the Private Sector...They are all either in Unions or work for Government and make too much already and are STILL not happy?


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    The little guy is code for Union Worker

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    The "little guy" is the one who does the hard work at the foundation of society: the nurse, the teacher, the librarian, the garbage collector, the farm worker, the secretary, the janitor, the waiter, the cook, the ditch digger, the park ranger, the fireman, the policeman, the factory worker. The "little guy" is one whose work is the basis of the wealth of the big guy.

    And in spite of the old adage, there is NOT room for everyone at the top. The more of the country's or the world's assets that accumulate at the top, the less there is for the rest. The issue isn't that everyone's share of the assets should be equal, but that there should be a balance. No CEO is worth 400 times the wages of those whose work he depends on.

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    I'm a good example of the "little guy," although I may appear to be in drag as such. I don't have much, don't want much, and am randomly grateful all the time for every stupid little blessing in my magnificent and unremarkable little life. (Seriously, running water just blows my little mind!) It bothers some people that I seem to lack ambition and harbor no true desire to change the world in any way. I'm pretty sure all those Liberals and Democrats were quite right in their assessment. Republicans don't care about me but I'm cool with that so I hope that one day, they will be too.

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    You lost me at "they are all either in Unions or work for Government and make too much already and are STILL not happy?"

    You must be a child to be that closed-minded. Gain some perspective.

    Your word for a year: perspective.

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    Cynicism has poisoned you mind.

    You can't imagine a person going through life loving a simple job, raising a functional family, owning a house they can afford, and living in a town they love.

    You think the world should be dogs eating other dogs.

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    The "Little Guy" is a humble person who isn't interested in getting rich or doing great things, only in supporting and spending time with their families.

    Being a "Little Guy" is what Jesus called on true Christians to be.

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    You're no longer crazy, it's simply who you might be. I appreciate what you imply. To you it can be practically as if love used to be a cake that may go away a foul aftertaste on your mouth every single time you took a chunk of it. Understandably, you wouldn't wish to take one other chunk of it for a while at the least considering the fact that you consider simply how bad the aftertaste used to be. You also understand different folks who took a chunk out of "love" and unhealthy aftertastes additionally with one among them even being deadly. Virtually every human has had as a minimum one dangerous expertise with love and a few pick to maneuver forward, at the same time others decide to remain put. In all honesty, society will regularly shun you when you do pick to stay single for the remainder of your lifestyles, however you are the kind of person who could not care much less about what society thinks then to hell with what they say and do "you." Do what makes you think comfortable and reside existence for your phrases. You can't survive your terms if you have a huge different, so do what you what to do and provides the hen to anyone who thinks reduce of you for making your decision.

  • There whole game is if you do not agree with them politically they want to harm you by any means. Those crafty folks act like they are helping someone else but their intention is to harm the people they disagree with, its quite evil.

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    the little guy now has become those of us who pay taxes, as the government has become the monster that is out of control

    Source(s): Paul Grass, PhD Level 7 YA user/if in doubt check the level out May God bless you ,the USA and may God keep us safe from the progressive axis of evil;0bama,Pelosi & Reid
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    This question reminds me of Hillary stiffing a waitress at a restaurant in upstate New York when running for the US Senate.

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