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Should I adopt a second cat?

About 10 years ago, my sister and I each adopted a kitten from the same litter, and they’ve lived together all their lives. They fought a lot and weren’t particularly close, so when I moved out of my mother’s house a few months ago I decided to take my cat with me and separate the brothers on a trial basis. Both cats seemed to adjust fine, so we made it a permanent arrangement… It’s been a few months now and my cat doesn’t seem unhappy, but he is much needier than he was before. He follows me everywhere and is constantly waking me up in the middle of the night. When I lived with my mom he was never a lap cat or the type to want much attention, but now it’s like he has to be by my side at all times. And I’m starting to wonder if maybe he’s lonely or bored? He’s home alone all day while my boyfriend and I are at work, so I’ve been thinking about adopting a second cat (around the same age and probably female) to keep him company. But I’m worried he’ll feel like he needs to fight for my affection. Any advice?


My cat is very laid back. Not much bothers him, and he’s not aggressive in the slightest. When my neighbor’s cat somehow got into my basement, my cat showed a lot of interest… never hissed or ran away. There’s also a cat that sits on our back deck sometimes and my cat sits and looks at him and cries. (Not in an angry way… the same cry he uses when he’s hungry or wants me to turn on the faucet.)

Ok that's it. Sorry for the long-winded explanation!

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  • Mick
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    Yes, get another kitty! Your kitty is "asking" for a companion. His request is in his increased neediness and especially in his apparent wish to meet that kitty who comes to your deck.

    Is that kitty a neighborhood pet? Could it be a stray? Does it look well fed? If you don't know whose cat it is, and of it doesn't appear to be well fed, maybe you could try to find out whose cat it is, and if you don't find an answer, you could take it in and adopt it.

    Otherwise, as you know, shelters and rescue groups have many wonderful kitties in need of homes.

    If you adopt through a rescue group that keeps their cats in foster homes, you could be sure of getting on that's sociable with other cats.

    Years ago I adopted a feral (my late,great Rusty) and he taught me and my Scooter that two cats are better than one. After Rusty followed Scooter to Rainbow Bridge I adopted Scamper, and Scamper "asked" me for a companion in much the same way that your kitty is "asking" you. He kept showing a powerful interest in meeting other kitties, so I adopted Rowdy to be his friends and companion.

    I wish you and your new kitty many years of health and happiness. And you present kitty, too!

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    I got two kittens there still 7 months old brother and sister, and i know they love each other so much and they would be sooo bored without one another my boy is very laid back and lazy while my girl is an adventurse spazz, they never been seperated but i can tell ofter getting my new job and being away more often my boy has been very needed and doesnt leave me alone, If your going to get a new cat i would not adopt one the same age, they already got there personalities by thenn and that could cause problems if they dont match, i would say get a female kitten that way she can grow up and adapt to his personality and by getting a girl your not threating his domanice of the house

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  • Laurie
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    I don't think that it would be a good idea. Even though your cat did not like the cat it grew up with, it did know the cat, and lived with it for 10 years. You have a typical needy cat. The only reason that you notice it more now is because you are the only one taking care of it and it has a lesser choice of people to bond with.

    At the age of 10, I doubt that your cat would take to an intruder, ( another cat) and may start acting out. He is a kick back cat who enjoys the attention from you and his environment.

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    This is not a question with an handy answer, on account that it varies for each cat. Judging by way of the personalities of the cats, i would say that it's probably that they might get along - or as a minimum determine some type of truce. Considering you adopted your first cat (hopefully that means that he is been round people and other domesticated cats when you consider that beginning) he will have to already have early experience with other cats. In my personal expertise i've a cat (Dozer) who was a year ancient himself after we introduced a mama cat and her two kittens into the condo. He has a personality similar to the way you described Shmuel, and he reacted very good to having new kitties within the apartment, and took it very evenly. Actually, it seemed like he thought HE was once their mom. Concerning the Petco cat, i'd verify up on her background if in any respect feasible. Was once she abused, does she have abandonment disorders, and did she have contact with other cats? All of these might impact whether or not the 2 cats get alongside. I want you the quality of luck, and expectantly this was once of some help!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, get another kitty :) Don't be alarmed if they don't get along at first. Sometimes cats need time to adjust to each other. It's a territorial thing. They will eventually get over their hissing and growling fits and bond with each other.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if they r boy and girl DON'T cause they will fight each other alot.if they r inside no because they will mess up EVERYTHING. so no i don't think u should get another one.believe me one cat is enough.i have a kitten hehe (she is spoiled rotten)

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