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About how big will a Shar Pei/ Bloodhound mix be?

I have a Shar Pei/ Bloodhound mix named Ramstien, he's about 4-5 months old now, 2 1/2ft. tall, & 30 pounds. I was wondering if anyone knew an estimated weight and height for his breed, he's built and colored about 50/50 for each parent.. Also if you knew about any health problems he might have or just any other helpful info? If so thank you(:

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    He's a mix, not a breed, and no accurate way to estimate his height or weight. Anywhere from the size of either parent/grandparent, and anywhere in between.

    Health problems - could be anything either breed is susceptible to. You can google both breeds to find out their common health problems. Since backyard breeders don't do any health testing, its possible for him to get any of the problems both breeds get.

  • Alison
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    9 years ago

    I am guess close to 100 lbs!!!! I am not kidding. Bloodhounds are a tall dog and a Shar Pei is a heavy build type dog.

    Bloodhounds are prown to a lot of ear issues like ear infection and yeast infections since their ears are floppy they can not breath. Bacteria grows in warm, dark, moist areas so its important to keep those ears dry and clean.

    I do not like Shar Pei's at all .... I won't even groom one. But you might not have a dog with that unpredictable Shar Pei personality. They do not like strangers. Very suspicious dogs when it comes to going to new places or meeting new people. I would diffidently bust butt socializing EVERY DAY!!!!

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    NO way to tell with a mutt how it'll turn out. Though I can probably predict a few health problems from both breeds.

  • Sarah
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    9 years ago

    no one can accurately predict that. he won't get any bigger than his largest parent most likely, but again you can't really even give an appropriate range for a mutt. He must be pretty interesting looking though... I've never seen that mix.

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  • 9 years ago

    you will know when grown

    mixes have no standards

    research both breeds as parents weren't health tested so will carry both

    take to trainer and work with daily

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