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What age is good to let your kids go to mexico?

What good age to let your kid go see there dads family in Mexico?

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    Are you going with them? If not, I would wait til they are at least 8 and send them to visit during school vacation. IF they know their relatives in Mexico, they could go alone. If they do NOT know the relatives, I would not send them alone. They would find that frightening and would be very homesick. I am sure their family will keep them perfectly safe. No one is going to harm them. My grandchildren have flown to Mexico to visit me with no problems at all. But, NOT send them alone to visit people they have never met before.

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    Regardless of age, I think I would consider the violence in Mexico at this time. If it's a border town.....forget it. There are some states with less violence than others. My kids went for the first time when they were 4 and older and accompanied by my mother-in-law. But this was years ago. I wouldn't even consider this now!

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    Any age my mom took us there when I was 8 so it will be fine. Mexico a cool place as long as your kids arent starting up trouble.

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    Never, unless you like your kids headless. Mexican drug cartel is no joke.

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