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will working out everyday without proper dieting get me abs?

i work out everyday sit ups and push ups but i dont have a proper diet i eat like twice a day at most will i still see results

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    Don't listen to the first two people. Nero's advice is the most on point.

    Without a proper diet, you will never achieve good looking abs, never. It won't happen. Drop your body fat in the 7-10% range and you'll notice them.

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    hye! if u really want to reveal ur abs, u need to cut off ur body fat until 7%. Which mean u must suck away your fats out by doing cardio everyday! at least 20 mins. After u get you skinny body, then you can do all the work out. Just do crunches fer ur abs and side planks with bicycle fer ur abs frame. This the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYQdLtam6xA

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    For proper diet just read the nutritional facts, the 'calories from fat' must below 10% from it total calories. Example total calo : 200, from fat are 20. Hope helps! PEACE :) p/s : google bout seat ups, it'll hurt ur back if u do it, just crunches. Lastly push ups just fer chest and triceps.

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  • Susan
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    5 years ago

    The best thing to do is pilates, it sounds too feminine, but its not. You will have an amazing core very quickly if you master the technique of Winsor Pilates...I also suggest stopping crunches and doing a more effective ab workout. Lay on the floor and put your hands above your head, hold on to something like the legs of the couch, and kick your feet up over your body. Bring them down and hold them at a 45 degree angle, do not let them touch the floor. Kick them up over your body again, do it at least 75-100 a day. It hurts like hell, but you will see amazing results very quickly. Also remember to speed walk regularly tightening your abs the entire time. It works wonders.

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    If your stomach begins to hurt when working out than you'll obviously get results.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yea but it will take longer, bout 2 months to see results you want

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