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question about hamster please answer?

i asked another question about my hamster yesterday which is sorted now but someone said that keeping hamsters in cages is like keeping them in jail. i do everything right but is it wrong 2 put him in his cage. also being kept in a cage is probably better than being kept in a tiny cage in a pet shop.

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    Hamsters need to be kept in an enclosure of some sort. You can't just let them run free; they'd get lost or hurt in an instant. So keeping them in a cage in and of itself is perfectly okay.

    However, it is worth noting that most actual hamster cages (Super Pet ones, etc.) are simply too small. As a general rule, a hamster should have at least a 12" x 24" floor. Most pet store cages only have an 11" x 16" floor or so. So keeping a hamster in a tiny store-bought cage is like jail, I suppose.

    If your hamster is a Syrian (or teddy bear) hamster it should NOT be in a cage. The problem is that the wheel that comes with those cages is too small for a Syrian. They need an 8" wheel, and it's simply not possible to fit a wheel that size into most store-bought cages--they're not tall enough. Don't misunderstand me, though, I'm not saying Syrians should run free. They just need to be in an aquarium or something similar.

    If you have a dwarf hamster, you might consider getting a second cage, and linking them together with those plastic tubes. Or you can change to a 15 or 20 gallon long (20L) aquarium with a screen cover and cage clips. If you have a Syrian, I would strongly suggest going the aquarium route.

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