Are girls willing to be friends with a guy thats dresses like a girl. no rude comments please. ?

So ever since I was six I have always felt like I shoulda been born a girl but I was too afraid of what my parents would say to me or what they might do. Now first of all I'm not gay so please don't say I am. A. I dislike males because they are pigs and assholes( most of them are) and there is this constant game of how "manly" can I be which I hate playing because there is no point. B. I have been forced by my fears to lived as my male persona.

Now I have had several GFs in my life ( I am 22) so I also know I am very aroused by females. But I have always felt like I am in a clothing prison when I am in male attire. I just prefer female garments and clothing. I mostly hangout with girls ( if you haven't guessed) and I am thinking of telling about me and my preferances. But I would like some real feedback from other females out there. Your advice would greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration. Once again honest answers and please no malicious or intentional negative comments because those just waste my time. Thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you are transexual , if you've been feeling this for a while then definitely , you are , you feel like a woman who likes other women , right ?

    You are a lesbian transexual woman , that's not uncommon , there are lot of people like that out there , be who you are

  • 9 years ago

    I think many people might look at you strangely. Just wear cloths that are mens, that are more spiced up the way you are. For instant wear like a bow at the colur or something. I have seen many stylish mens clothing. I wouldn't be friends with them if they wear girl clothing, just wear stylish clothing. Have your friends go shopping and they should help you pick out stylish mens clothing.

  • 4 years ago

    Girls would really like to hang around with you ! You've a sense a sort , there may be nothing flawed with that ! And you do not like being a slob , ladies LOVE clean men ! Girls would love to be around you motive you would give them variety recommendations / advice. And being homosexual is not any massive deal ! ( i am no longer gay btw, lol ) gay men are fun to be around and have a way of variety ! Lol i know you mentioned you'r not homosexual , in case you are or if you'r curious , there is nothing to be ashamed of ! If you'r no longer glad together with your gender , thats YOUR opinion. Your a grown man so make your own choices.

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