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please i need informations!?

i need hydrogen cyanide made by labs! i need labs where you can order this substance.

i tell you,i'm italian and i don't find any place in italy where i can buy i search in u.s

on ebay i find a person who can send me this substance but i don't wanna have troubles cause hydrogen cyanide is tossic,i wonder if is legally buy hydrogen cyanide in america by web and receive the box in it true that if i ask to the lab to write on the box only ''reagent'' instead ''hydrogen cyanide,toxic'' the box will not open and locked at customs?

say me names of various american labs who send their products too.

please help me

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    If you are in an Italian research lab or manufacturing company, I cannot believe that there are not EU chemical companies from which you could order the hydrogen cyanide. Remember that HCN is a gas and is extremely toxic. In lab settings, you generally produce HCN gas as you need it by adding HCl to either NaCN or KCN.

    If you are not in a research lab, you should have absolutely no reason to have hydrogen cyanide. I would not suggest that you try to import it from the US without the proper documentation.

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