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Poll, do you hate wanna be gangsters?

I see these middle class white kids all around me, wearing their pants down to their knees and buying expensive Air Jordan's and other name brand clothing and then saying the're poor. I sickens me. They're all just so impolite and jeuvenile. I live in a suburb of chicago, and i can pretty much assure that 90 per cent of these children are NOT from the getto, yet call eachother "*****" and other things like that. So post if you hate them and give details/experiences making you feel that way.

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    9 years ago
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    Yeah i see that all the time where i live. And its really annoying. And i dont get why people want to be gangbangers.

  • europa
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    9 years ago

    fashion and adolescent behavior is what is happening. Each to their own if it doesnt hurt anybody

    If I hate something I put it behind me not ask someone to tell me more about what I dislike?

    Hate it so so much but need to hear MORE about it ? pathetic

  • larry
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    4 years ago

    i think of that all and sundry merely tries to slot in to lots. they prefer something yet whilst considered one of their associates or a undeniable somebody says they do in contrast to that particular element, they fake that thu do no longer like it the two merely to slot in. i do no longer comprehend, all and sundry is so afraid to be distinctive now a days because of the fact they think of that folk will choose them in the event that they prefer a undeniable music or gown a undeniable way yet relatively human beings might choose you no remember what. So sure, human beings in our society lacks originality. We reproduction tendencies, hear to a similar music, act a similar... all merely to purpose to "slot in". Plus, dubstep isn't even genuine music. that's merely a gaggle of noise all jumbled up mutually it is so dumb!! And rap and r&b are in all probability between the terrific style of music ever made!! And technically merely because of the fact somebody "sags" their pants or clothing in relatively saggy clothing does not cause them to a "gangster." have faith me!! i might comprehend!! they're merely wannabes.

  • 9 years ago

    hate em. some people are born in that type of environment where most of their friends are gangsters but over doing it like you're stating above, is just so ugly. it looked like crap when it was IN, it looks absurd now.

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  • 9 years ago

    Naw! I love em. They make me feel smart.XD

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