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Writing a story, need help! :)?

ok so in my story this guy shows his ex-girlfriend these videos that he has collected, to try to win her back. some were ones that he took while they were together, and others were from her childhood.

how should i have him come across these childhood videos. should:

a) her mother give them to him to help him win her back

b) he comes across them while in her room ages back when they were together

c) they at one point lived together (keep in mind they were 18 when she dumped him) and she left those videos at his flat when she moved out

thanks x

ps. he didnt do anything, she had enough of her 'lifestyle', which i will make a random reason up for later, and dumped him and moved to another country for a year

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    I believe the best answer to this would be that the boy was also close to his girl friend's mother, who provided the tapes from her childhood. The mother sees that the two are right for one another and helps when asked.

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