How come illegals indicate they are being persecuted by NM gov by wanting 2 stop drivers licenses being issued?

How come illegals indicate they are being persecuted by NM gov by wanting stop drivers licenses being issued to illegals, even with reports showing document fraud & lying, are bringing illegals from across the country to NM, to get drivers licenses, illegals want it to stay as it is and think there should be no laws ? New Mexico has been torn for some time as to whether undocumented immigrants should continue to be eligible for driver’s licenses. The state is one of two that allow it; Washington is the other.

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, who was not in office when the legislation passed, says it encourages fraud. Her argument got some fuel this week from an Associated Press investigation showing that state driver’s license data pointed to possible abuse.

People without Social Security numbers who apply for New Mexico licenses must show multiple identifying documents and prove they live in the state. When the AP analyzed years of license data, the news service found dozens of addresses where fraud may have occurred.

For example, over a five-year period, 48 foreign nationals applying for licenses said they lived at an Albuquerque smoke shop. Seventeen people during a nine-month period said they lived at a car repair business. (It’s unclear whether the applicants were in the country illegally; the state does not ask about immigration status.)

The law’s supporters told the AP that the state could prevent abuse without stripping people of licenses they need to register their cars and get insurance.

A spokesman for Martinez, a former prosecutor, countered that the investigation was “yet another sign of how New Mexico's driver's license has been compromised.”

When state lawmakers took up the issue Thursday, Martinez’s proposal to repeal the license law got a rocky reception, the AP said. A legislative committee instead approved a Democratic plan to keep the licenses while imposing new restrictions.

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    9 years ago
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    Illegals always think they're entitled to what America has when in fact they are entitled to nothing.

  • 9 years ago

    The audacity of the Mexican, to go to another country illegally and demand the rights and privledges of that country, is amazing. They demand welfare and free medical care and yet they demand more. When will the Obama administration begin to deal with this invasion?

    All I hear is excuses like " They do the jobs Americans won't do" and " They just want a better life" . This is insulting to the American Citizen who is portrayed as being lazy and selfish, yet is on the front line and expected to fix all the wrongs in the world, supplying money that's used to buy guns to shoot at US and delivering food to people that show up in Bin Laden t-shirts to get their free meal.

    It's time the world starts to take care of itself, leave the USA alone, and we'll leave you as well.

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    9 years ago

    ahem ...

    uhhmmm .... ILLEGAL ALIENS ...???

    should not be given driving licenses ..

    they should be DEPORTED upon discovery

    Illegal aliens that drive often can not read English.

    As a result, they don't know the rules of the road and can't read highway signs.

    Couple that with the higher tendency for DUI driving

    and many illegal aliens are the worst drivers on the road,

    as noted by some of the various traffic accident statistics cited.

    Add in the fact that they generally have no insurance

    and that makes them, as a group, the most irresponsible drivers on the road.

  • 4 years ago

    unlawful immigrants should not be allowed any of the advantages of citizenship - like a drivers license. which will motivate further and extra unlawful immigrants. The morons working the state of Illinois presently gave unlawful immigrants a ruin on college training. So now an American from Indiana has to pay better than an unlawful Mexican to pass to college right here. of course we can basically get further and extra of them.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think the governor of NM is advocating this because she wants to be VP pick for GOP presidential ticket of 2012.

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