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so i'm really bored of the knitting and crochet patterns i've been doing lately usualy do hat and scarves?

i need need need new patterns and ideas and no blankets cuz if a project take to long i seem to abandon it i kind of had the attention span of a fly


i'm in 7th grade and i have been crocheting since i was 7 but started real patterns when i was 10 i have only been knitting since thanksgiving and i've made 2 pairs of fingerless gloves got any good links that would be very very helpful thank u

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    Have you ever tried amigurumi?? I love it. XD

    I started it cause the things that are really used for something are big and take a lot of time and patience, and more than anything a lot of repeating same thing all the time, which I don't like. And amigurumi never takes more than few hours, and you can make anything you want. Animals, people, plants, everything. And a good thing is that you don't actually need a pattern. You can easily make it up while you go.

    Or you can find a pattern if you want. They have really good patterns on crochet pattern central. The person above gave you a link for it. :D

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    how incredibley awesome that you are so skilled at so young an age

    first off find something different and more interesting than just hats and scarves.. while there are a LOT of different patterns out there - one does reach burnout eventually if thats all you do.. have you tried any simple lace patterns.. even scarves can be more interesting with lace.. it may be time to branch out to other things. shawls are good fingerless gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers baby gifts (try the baby surprise sweater!)

    -- how skilled are you? if you want yourself to be challenged try socks. small fast projects if you have the skill.

    if you want to continue hats/scarves become involved with a community program that makes them for charity. not only do they have lots of different patterns - making them for a particular cause might be the thing to re- start your interest levels.

    basically there are millions of patterns - and NEVER a reason to be bored.

    for some thing a bit different :)





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    I agree with you...if it takes too long I get bored and never finish. I too focus on scarves and hats. My favorite scarf is one that I made up myself by using a granny square from an afghan pattern. Just go through afghan patterns until you find a square that is as wide as you want your scarf and is interesting and easy to make. Then use a nice variegated yarn (eg. Noro sock yarn) in various color schemes. They don't have to match. Make 1 or 2 squares out of each of the different skeins and then just stitch them together with yarn. I get compliments every time I wear it which is quite often. I love to wear black and add color with a scarf. The great thing is that you can use scraps of yarn and make each square out of a different color scheme. Don't make the squares with solid colors. They need to be variegated skeins. Preferably sock yarn style.

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    She has several good patterns for all types of things.

    There are always charity groups looking for handmade items. Consider making stuff for them. Contact your local hospital and see if they would be interested in hats/ booties for newborns. These are quick and don't take alot of yarn. Nursing homes could always use slippers, lap robes, shawls etc for the residents. Make some walker totes for them to put stuff in.

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    The above have hundreds of free patterns.

    www.dailycrocheter.com has cute stuff

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