FedEx shipment stuck on initiated.?

HP sent me the tracking number for my repaired computer wed. And the anticipated ship date was jan 26 I haven't seen my package move it's just stuck on initiated and the delivery day is today by 3:00 but it hasn't moved should I call FedEx and find my package or is this normal it's FedEx express next day shipping...

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  • 9 years ago
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    I get a lot of stuff delivered by FedEx, UPS, USPS, and the overwhelming majority of the time their websites indicate the correct status. It's because the box has a bar code that has to be scanned at every fork in it's journey to your address. Once it gets scanned there, the website is updated with the info. If it hasn't been scanned, i'ts likely not on the plane/truck. There has been once or twice where I noticed the shipment information was delayed though. It's possible, just not likely. FedEx wouldn't really be able to help you until after the delivery time they gave you. At that point, it will flag FedEx's system that something hasn't been delivered and it will initiate an automatic investigation on their end anyhow, but check the status after the supposed arrival date has passed because it may be updated with information such as if it was delayed due to weather or other unforseen circumstance (accidents on the road, issues with vehicles, etc..)

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