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I have this guy friend that says he just wants to be friends but shows other signs. We both have been hurt in?

We were friends when we were younger and time had passed us by but we have some what clicked and I know that he doesn't want anything but a friend..We do a little more then what just friends do. he is starting to show different signs. Like giving me hugs and cuddle when we sleep or watch movies. Im confused cause I do like this guy allot but He and I have been through rough relationship in the pasy.

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    If he says he wants to be friends, then he does. He may just be affectionate or seeking female companionship. Good luck. :)

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    If he is always reminding you that he only wants to be friends and then will snuggle and...whatever.... means that he likes you, but isn't interested in you.

    He likes having someone to get him back into the game, but he doesn't want you in particular. You are a good substitute until he finds the right girl. Guys don't like to be alone, they don't like to be without someone to talk to, hit on, flirt just means, he's going to dump you when he finds "HER".

    Good Luck

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    Obviously I don't know this guy like you do but it sounds like to me that maybe he's just a cuddly guy or he's really comfortable around you and knows he's safe; but just wants to stay friends because he doesn't want to get hurt,especially by one of his close friends

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    9 years ago

    a guy never just wants to be a friend unless is is very very gay..

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