Does he really care about me?

ive been talking to this boy i meet when i was a freshman and now im a junior. we have been doing stuff but we didnt want to get in a relationship because he lost his girl friend earlyer on last year and its taken him along time to get out of the funk he was in.. about a month ago i found out about a girl he was seeing in a town about an hour from were we live. i asked him about it and he was honest. he told me about her. well he came home from north dakota which is were he works and i saw him that night. he was here for a month. i saw him the day he came back and then the day before he left. the rest of the time he was here. he either spent it with her or out of town. he says things between him and this girl arent serious but it sure does seem like it. they spend all the time they can together and hes even flying her to north dakota to see him while hes working. they even have intamite conversations on facebook. that i just happened to see.He says he cares about me. we get along pretty well when we are together and can talk about pretty much anything. hes like my buddy. i just dont know what to do now. im starting to think he doesnt care anymore..

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  • 9 years ago
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    Unfortunately when someone becomes interested in another person their friendships (even those that have sexual elements) often fall by the wayside. You made him feel better and now he's ready to move on with another girl. He just doesn't see you as a girlfriend so you'll probably start seeing your friendship with him weaken. You won't have nearly the same access to him.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    saying that he cares about u means that he does, just the "friend" kind of way, nothing more... he's trying to set things right with the girl he rly likes... try finding someone else (:

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