FYI for all of us bumped to 2/7? Info from IRS this A.M.?

I filed on 1/17 @ 4, accepted 1/18 @ 4 pm. Last saturday, finally found info on WMR for a "by" DD date of 2/7. Wednesday, I had an update of something to the tune of "Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays, you should receive your refund by 2/7" Yes, bumped twice to 2/7. Still no DD date on WMR, just the 2/7 "by" date. BTW, my refund is being processed on the old system.

SO, after calling twice before about this earlier in the week, the IRS guy I spoke w/ this morning was very pleasant and very helpul. Turns out, he has also been bumped to 2/7, which made me think he was more human :) Anyway, he told me that the delays are due to the overwhelming amount of pre-filers, those who submitted their returns before the processing start date of 1/17, which choked the system. So, what happened to me, and he said, what happened to most early filers, was that so many returns got manually pulled and put into error processing, despite returns not having errors, then put back into the system to be processed. This was so the system could process returns quicker, because of the backload of returns.

He said that I should see an update this weekend or Wednesday at the latest with an actual DD date. He did not see why we would be pushed back again. He also said that many 2/7 filers should be getting (and most are already) 1/31 & 2/1 DD dates, & if I don't have one on Monday, to call back again. He said at the latest, we should have a 2/3 DD date.

Hope this helps any of you in my situation :)


JASMINE- I'm not sure about that date, only check w/ the rep about 2/7, after being bumped to it twice. Sorry :(

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    Thanks! I filed on 1/19 and was told by IRS rep I should have DD on 2/1 but WMR says 2/7 so I wasn't sure. I hope this is true, this was the first year when my tax refund wasn't an emergency to pay bills but now we decided to get a new vehicle (needing $1,000 down) and I need my refund on the 1st for rent lol. I hate being in these situations, you'd think I would learn my lesson.

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    What about 2/21

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    an excellent style of persons are seeing a a million-2 week put off while evaluating the WMR date to the refund cycle chart. maximum refunds are despatched till now than the WMR date however the IRS continually shows the final conceivable date. The IRS basically has greater returns interior the 1st 2-3 weeks of e-record than what they are able to technique so there's a back log. they are going to paintings by it exceptionally rapidly. It has no longer something to do with the place you filed. Its organic luck of the draw related to while the IRS gets on your return yet they DO prioritize via while it replaced into filed. Your return is in a huge group with tens of millions of returns submitted interior the window of the 17 to 18th. you would be processed till now returns submitted on the nineteenth or later, yet interior that group of 17-18 submissions its basically luck related to who gets processed first.

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    Thank you for the helpful info! I'll just keep checking back until 2/7 and hopefully it will be there early!

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  • 9 years ago

    I really hope you are right! This is the first year where we actually really needed the money since my wife is on maternity leave from work. We are really counting on the money especially since we are a paycheck short this month

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