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Which is the best AMD processor?

I do not care about intel right now what is the best amd processor right now as of 2012

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    There isn't a simple answer to which is the "best". As AMD's currently has two top ranges of CPU.

    They have a range of APU's [which quite powerful integrated graphics] of which the A-3850 is the top model. see here:

    They also have the new FX Range of processors of which the AMD FX 8-Core Processor Black Edition is the top performer, specific model is AMD FX-8150 see here:

    Which is the "best", depends therefore on what your exact requirements are. if you are a keen gamer and will have a dedicated powerful graphics card then the FX 8150 Core BE would be best choice. It has unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking

    If you want OK level gaming and don't want to pay out for a decent standalone graphics card then you may be better off with the A-3850 APU instead.

    So really there are two "bests".

    In terms of raw processing speed and ignoring any graphics features the FX 8150 is fastest raw speed cpu

    @ Ryan. I stand corrected, I forgot that the new A-3870 APU has just been released and now beats the A-3850 in performance.

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    I have heard that AMD FX 8150 is the best AMD processor up to date with Eight Logical processors and clock speed 3.86GHZ that will cost you roughly $245

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    "Best" depends on what you will be using it for. For gaming a quadcore is all that is needed as games don't use more than 4 cores. The AMD 980 black edition is a quad core at 3.7GHz and costs only $159.99 at You can buy the 6 or 8 core cpus but they are for multi tasking, not gaming.

    Source(s): pc builder and hobbiest--I read YA everyday and get lots of info from other contributors/experts.
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    Papa's wrong, the recently released A8 3870k is AMD's best apu. For a CPU, the best desktop one is the FX 8150.

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