is there money to be made in mobile marketing?

i come across web site that is run by a 1 man band. is selling all sorts like information products and a package for mobile there money to be made in mobile marketing from a package like this. also he sells kindle there any money to be made from this site ?

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    9 years ago
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    It is possible to make money in mobile marketing. Here is how to do it.

    1) Define what you want to accomplish with your mobile marketing campaign. You can enhance brand awareness, collect customer information and engage consumers in the buying process.

    2) Get connected with a mobile application service provider. Check out marketing firms that use mobile techniques, agencies that deal exclusively in mobile marketing and aggregators. Choose a Mobile Marketing Association member because they adhere to a code of conduct.

    3) Decide what marketing tactics are right for the message you want to send. Sweepstakes, polls and trivia encourage interaction. Instant win opportunities and mobile promotions like ring tones give them free stuff. Invitations to access information online and alerts educate your customers.

    4) Make sure your mobile marketing messages are consistent with your other marketing materials. Brand awareness comes from seeing the same graphics, colors, fonts and taglines on every promotional piece.

    5) Follow accepted privacy practices when collecting customer information. Just because it's a mobile device doesn't mean you don't have to feature a prominent opt-in and opt-out.

    6) Encourage customer loyalty with your mobile marketing messages. Make it fun for them to participate in sweepstakes, polls and trivia. Offer freebies and graphic messages that they'll want to show their colleagues and friends.

    7) Keep up-to-date on industry trends, rules and best practices. Outdated techniques in your mobile marketing campaign will turn your customers off.

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