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Is Sams Club/ Costco for me/worth it ?

Im 19 and I live alone but it seems like im always at the store buying toilet paper, soap, cat litter/food...basically the essentials Im debating on getting a membership with Sam's or Costco...but I wanna know is it expensive or even worth it?

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    I'm glad you asked.

    In my area Walmart is cheaper for:

    Toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

    This is because these stores cater to a higher clientelle and ofter better products.

    Go to walmart and buy angel soft (much cheaper per weight), and no name brand paper towels.

    Also cat food is just about 50 cents more at wallly world - not worth the annual fee.

    You can go in the stores for a 1 day free visit and write down prices.

    Stay away from cokes (much more expensive), clothes, and linnens.

    Only thing good is the price of milk, meat (5 pounds at a time), and eggs (more than just one dozen), which won't make the membership worth it.

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    I think it is best for you to get a membership card with either company in order to save you money during the month.

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