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Outfit ideas for these occasions plz?

I'm 14, 5"10, And brunnete (quite light)

1. Shopping.

2. House-warming party.

3. Day out to arcade & Café

4. Going round sister's house.

Thanks !

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    Shopping- You could wear skinny jeans, a leather jacket, cute top, ankle boots and dock-martins. dock-martins are knee length socks, but I pull them to my shins, just to peep out of my boots. They're very cute and fun. I love to wear them with my skinny jeans and leather jacket.

    House-warming party- A snood, skinny jeans, a jumper to wear over another top and Ugg boots. I love to wear this to a casual event. It's not too dressy, yet not too casual.

    Day out- Leggings and a cute top, a cardigan and pumps. You could accessorize with some bangles, a necklace and hand bag.

    Sisters house- Nothing too fancy, but maybe tracksuit bottoms and a sporty top and runners. It's not the best outfit, but this is what I wear nearly every single day!

    Hope this helps you :D

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    "What seems reliable" is continually a tricky question. the fast answer, and the reason each human being is suggesting both actually one of them is that, purely positioned, both actually one of them look tremendous on you. they purely look thoroughly diverse. clothing says some thing about you. style isn't, and may no longer be, what seems "purely properly". there isn't any purely properly. style is about looking some thing to say with clothing. both between the clothing say some thing rather diverse about you. i'll indicate what i imagine they say, even with the indisputable fact that the alternative is as a lot as you. What i'm declaring is that, as they're both very tremendous, you ought to concentration on the message. the first is amazingly modern-day, horny, and human being. It emphasises the coolest with the gentle and shine, and the black skirt shows off the legs with out detracting out of your ascertain. the reason evidently a tad workplace like is purely because that is totally grown up, in a reliable way. modern-day classy may be an excellent description. As this has a tendency to be my selection, I favor the first. the 2d one is appealing. It initiatives a youthful immage of you. with out the black, that isn't any longer as mature, and the denim/twill look provides it a playful experience. because that is patterned, it disguises extra of the shape of your body, and that cuts down on the sexiness. So, what do you want to say on your date? Playful? human being? horny? Granted, he will likely observe this extra on a subconcious factor, yet nonetheless. you'll observe what you're donning, and could act in a unique way. and that is the secret of clothing.

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    shorts or/and leggings with a top (depending on weather)

    casual dress or skirt and top

    jeans or trousers/ shorts and your fave top

    anything your comfortable in

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    jeans and top for all

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