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If i did my taxes on January 17,2012 when?

Will it be deposited into my account

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    Your return has to be processed after it has been accepted. You should get the deposit (if no delays or errors) by the 7th of Feb.

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    9 years ago

    check WMR once daily it will give you the actual direct deposit date a couple of days before they make your deposit. mine updated thursday from you should receive by the 31st to the actual deposit date of jan. 30th. i found WMR to be quite accurate in years past even though they have had some gliches this year. if you are actually getting a direct deposit date it should be there on that date sometime early a.m., the irs also likes to allow your bank a few days to post to your account after the direct deposit date, but i have never had any trouble with my bank they always post it just as soon as they get it. check with your bank for there policies. good luck hope this helps

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