psychological perspective case study questions?

This is the case study:

39 year old woman referred by a Dermatologist

No objective evidence of skin disease.

Patient insists she is plagued with insects.

12 years of infestation, skin itch, spread all over her body

Convinced itch is due to bugs.

Feel them under the skin, feel pain from bites.

Has seen several physicians over last 12 years.

Distressed and angry no one has been able to help.

Washed her skin very frequently.

Resorted to assorted applications including bleach.

Few serious overdoses as she felt so wretched.

Stopped work, withdrew socially, sleeps very poorly.

Convinced people are avoiding her because she is dirty.

Agitated and totally preoccupied with bugs.

Otherwise charming and engaging, converse intelligently.

No other psychotic or Mood symptoms.

my questions are, how do you explain the client's behaviour in the humanist and cognitivist psych perspectives

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    9 years ago
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    You need to look up both Humanistic and Cognitive perspective and then explain the person's behaviour from each of these perspectives.

    Cognitive theory focuses on thought, and memory

    Humanistic theory is more like social psych

    But look them up and see what the fundamental thing each type of theory focuses on.

    Source(s): 24 yrs psychiatric hospital healthcare
  • 4 years ago

    I might say that Peter has low self worth possibly brought about by means of the strain his father placed on him, and the unrealistic standards he set. This has resulted in anxiety over his advantage and low confidence in himself. I might also say that he has social phobia, nonetheless there is not any obvious purpose for it, except that the primary time he experienced a panic assault he was once out in public, accordingly the fear of this taking place once more in a crowded place has result in the worry of crowds and riding as if he have been to endure a panic assault while using and was once unable to pull over then there is a excessive probability of a auto accident. The fear of that is then more likely to intent a panic assault.

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