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What are the best makers of front suspention.?

I know fox has very good from suspention what are some other good brands ?

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  • Eric P
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    9 years ago
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    Fox is a good maker of shock absorbers and coil-overs but I haven't seen any full suspension systems from them. If you're only looking for shock manufacturers, Bilstein is a well-respected one with a similar product line to Fox.

    For full suspension systems:

    I'm a big fan of OME (Old Man Emu). It's a branch of ARB from Australia. They don't build kits with a lot of lift but they engineer them for durability and a controlled, smooth ride with plenty of suspension travel and articulation. The ride improvement completely changes the character of the truck.

    If you're looking for a baja pre-runner like suspension system with lots of travel, you might check out Fabtech. They're kind of the specialists from the desert realm for systems that can soak up those landings and keep the tires in contact with the dunes.

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