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What is my sun sign and rising sign/moon sign?10 points?

My DOB is 2nd june 1992, so i know my sun sign is gemini. What about the moon sign and the rising sign, i have no idea how to calculate them, can you tell me

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    You can calculate it here its very easy

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    Hi Punk... Perhaps the most well-known site for a free chart is

    Go here:

    From the selections across the top of the page, click "My Astro." You can then see the selections, to either create a free account, and your chart will be stored and saved; or create a free horoscope, as a guest user.

    You will need to know your TIME of birth, to calculate your rising sign (aka "ascendant"). Your Moon sign is also dependent upon knowing your birth time. You will also need the city you were born in.

    Once you've entered everything there, the site will take you to the "Free Horoscopes" page, which gives you lots of fun ways to look at your chart aspects, including offering some interpretations. If you choose the selection, "Chart Drawing, Ascendant," your detailed chart will appear, where you can see all your planet positions, including your Ascendant ("AC," or Rising sign).

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