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has anyone seen the movie mcgruber?

in the movie.. wen mcgruber accepts the mission and goes to make his own team .. he goes in a red car... when he parks the car to recruit the first guy.. there is a music playing in his car?? its only for 3-4 secs.. can someone plz tell me the music and song name... it will be a huge favour.. plzzzzzzzz...


@salacious Crumb.. : i tried the IMDB thing... that music is only for 3-4 secs.... and is never repeated.... its not on the list ... i tried all the sings.. it took me more than an hr... can u pls see the movie and tell me wich songs is it...it comes at 12 mins and 47 seconds.. thanks

Update 2:

i finally got it guys.. its Baker street by Rafferty... everyone who loves saxophone... pls listen to it.... it will not disappoint u :) cheers

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