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Is it possible to have high blood pressure if you are not overweight?

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    The type of food you eat, your age, and the amount of exercise all play major roles in blood pressure. It has nothing to do with your weight (although the lifestyle of an overweight person can lead to high blood pressure). It's all about heart health.

    A skinny girl who drives to work, never uses the stairs, and drinks a lot of coffee or energy drinks can easily have high blood pressure. Smoking also contributes. How many skinny smokers do you know?

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    yes it is possible high BP without obesity, as obesity in one of the factor producing high blood pressure

    blood pressure can come because many more causes like kidneyy diseases thyroid etc

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    yeah, i suffer with abit of high blood pressure. mine isn't nothing to worry about, i just get nose bleeds and my doctor took me off the pill once because it was bordering too high. im not over weight.

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    Yes, certainly.

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    it's called type 1 diabetes.

    Source(s): my friend has it.
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    yes it is...

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