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Father of my son always has excuse to not see him can I take his rights away?

I have a 5 month old and the father of my son does not help in any way. He is epileptic and constantly states he can't take him because he had a seizure the day before and is sore. We average 1 time a month he sees him also due to his epilepsy he can't drive so it falls on me to get our son there pick our son up. And I am not mean and understand but seriously I cant keep doing it all by myself. He also has not worked for the past year in a half. He is trying to get disability but has been denied 3 times even with a lawyer working for him. Disability states everytime his condition is not bad enough for him not to work Plus he does provide them the info needed medically to prove his seizures are bad. He has 3 kids all together and the oldest daughter he has no rights to and his other son he bails out on too. He works at his dads shop and gets paid cash and always seems to feel fine to go out and shop and go to friends for a weekend but never to see his kids!! I feel like he uses it as an excuse and the disability is just to get out of paying support. Its getting old and I have been responsible financially and physically for our son with no help. I constantly offer time to him but he constantly offers an excuse and bails out. I am tired of trying! What can I do?

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    No, you can't get his rights taken away over this. If this continues, at some point in the future when you marry you can look into a stepparent adoption, but no judge will terminate his rights (unless he is a danger to the child) without there being someone willing to step up to the plate and be a father (judges do not like to leave children fatherless).

    If you're exhausted of this after 5 months (which is nothing), imagine how you're going to feel after a decade. You need to get a handle on your feelings because you're just getting started.

    If he's not paying child support, check into applying for government assistance. Also, try to get proof that he is working and is being paid cash, If you can get proof you can present that in a child support case.

    And finally---he has 2 older children who he never sees (and I assume doesn't financially support) and you honestly thought this child would be different? You should have known better than to have a child with him. Next time make better decisions.

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    My first thought was that you should NEVER cut a dad off from his children. However, after reading your entire posting, maybe you should ask him to sign away his parental rights. However, doing so will also alleviate him of his responsibility to support the child financially.

    Since he's working under the table I'm thinking he won't support him even if a court orders it.

    Maybe it is best to cut bait and fish in a different pond. Find yourself a real man, a man who cares about others, not just himself. Since this guy already has other children he shows no interest in give your son a chance at being happy and not burdened with a father who doesn't want to see him.

    But explain to your son why you cut his father out of his life. If ever your son wants to know his biological father, give him the information and let the chips fall where they may. Be ready to comfort your son when he's disappointed - as I suspect that will be the outcome of any future contact. But by then he will know that his father made his choice and your son won't spend the rest of his life wondering who his father is or who he is.

    Good luck.


    Source(s): Proud father of FIVE girls, WAY TOO MANY YEARS experience.
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