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In 2009 they found a cyst in my ovaries and they did a CA125 test. One of those results came back high.?

2 months after I got pregnant and after that baby I ended up having another one. I went to my doctor yesterday and they were concerned that they stopped checking the cyst and have ordered a sono for Tuesday to see how it is. Should I be worried. that was two years ago when I had that test done. I have been getting leg pains and cramps, back pains, and feeling dizzy at times too. But I didn't think anything of it. Should I be concerned?

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    9 years ago
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    No. The CA-125 is NOT a screening test for ovarian cancer because it doesn't test for ovarian cancer--it tests for a substance produced when there is abdominal inflammation. So a cyst will usually cause the number to be elevated. Heck, the common cold will cause the number to be elevated. Most cysts just go away, so yours probably has too. The symptoms you describe are very general and could have a zillion reasons.

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