Advice: to travel or not to travel?

I've just graduated from University with a 2.1 but have found like so many others have that there aren't many jobs available these days even with a university degree.

I've made some great friends when travelling. People I've kept in touch with for years now.

They've offered me the chance to go and live with them in Turkey.

Should I take it? I need some objective answers which is why I'm here. I graduated last summer and I've been looking for work ever since, theres just nothing that I can find.

I also have a TEFL degree (Teaching English as a Foreign language) from a previous experience.

Am I being rash? I'm thinking of the adventure side of it but I'm terrified that I'm running away from my problems here. Obviously I'd come home again but I'm not sure when. maybe in 4-6 months?

Gah please help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I say go! It doesn't sound like you're risking much by leaving and the rewards of living in a foreign country can be immense. Perhaps a corporation would hire you to teach business english to their employees in Turkey. Who knows?


    Best to you...

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