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How can I link my two MacBook Pro laptops together?

I have one MacBook Pro 15" that won't turn on. I took it to a specialist and they said I need to transfer my hard drive to a different computer before sending it in to get fixed. They suggested using a fire wire cable to connect to another MacBook Pro and transfer the data but the closest Apple store is over an hour away and I don't want to drive all that way for a cable. Can I just use a USB cable to link the two?

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    No. USB is not for networking. If you could use USB for networking, PCs would be worth more than they are. You can buy a Firewire cable at any modern computer shop.

    Some reasons why you are probably taking the wrong approach:

    -- What is "won't turn on"? To 99% of us, it means no power. You can't use target disk mode if there is no power, so save your money on that cable. You can reset the SMC and maybe that will restore the power, or take the HDD out, and mount it in a case.

    -- A HDD file system can be repaired by Disk Utility, or erased by Disk Utility, and then you reinstall OS X. No need to send the computer anywhere. If you don't have a system DVD for reinstall, buy one at the link below. It costs a lot less than repair.

    -- If the HDD is really broken, target disk mode will not help at all. A HDD that is not seen by Disk Utility will not mount in target disk mode.

    Source(s): (OS 10.6 DVD for sale) >
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