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does he like me...what do i do,what does this mean??????

if you look in my past question there a guy we went out our freind broke us up he still wanted me.. 2 months later how do i know if he does!! i do want him but i need to know if he still even does . he my best friends brother she said she does??? if we do its so weird what could i say or do... in the summer...remember his sister is my BEST friend !!!! we always go swimming in his pool....... so usually when i come over im wearing short short and a tank top with flip flop i always wear that..... he always looks at me the other day he knock on my door to get something for his dad...... and i open the door he was just look at me for like 5 seconds then i was like ummm yess??? does that mean something... how can i make him like me more??? im really self concies about me ??? it kinda what ?????

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    sexually, he wants you for sex

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