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how to kick a soccer ball far and high?

I can kick a soccer ball about 18 yards but my brother can kick the soccer ball about 45 yards and i am just wondering how i can kick 40 yards? I don't know if i'm not kicking it right or i don't have good form.

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    Check ou this, it tells you how to kick further and shows how to do it. Good Luck!! Also, try to kick with your laces, and bend your body over the ball. :)

  • 4 years ago

    You could construct your leg strength without weights by way of walking. Full discipline sprints and suicides can support give a boost to your leg and allow you to kick the ball so much farther and greater. As far as manner goes, kick low on the ball with your laces and lean back. Takes somewhat of observe however you'll be equipped to determine it out lovely rapid.

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