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do you know something about COMPUTERS? then ANSWER this!!!!!?

When I first got my monitor it came with a white cord and a blue one, my previous monitor only had the standard blue one the Dsub.So I plugged in both at the same time. I used my computer like this for weeks, but one day I thought that both couldn't be necessary, at first I took off the white one,the DVI, when I did this the colors were bad and the quality of the image was lacking. When I plugged in the white one instead, the DVI, the picture quality was awesome again, why is this?

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    the chords are specifically designed to fit into a place, and do a specific action, so the white one was to make the picture or the quality better, and the blue chord was meant to do what it did.

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    9 years ago

    Really, you shouldn't be using a computer.

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