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Can my fiancee claim me on his taxes?

From Jan thru July i lived with my parents in GA, however they only provided me with shelter and my fiancee sent me and his daughter money every week. I moved back to FL to live with him in July and he has continued to provide for my daughter and I while I attend school. I'm assuming since we didn't technically live together the first half of the year he can't claim me right? Even if he provided for me financially for the entire year?

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    No, he cannot. One of the tests to claim an unrelated person as a dependent is that they lived in the taxpayer's home for the ENTIRE year. Clearly this test is not met. The amount of support that he provided is irrelevant since that critical test is busted.

    He cannot claim is daughter unless you give him a completed Form 8332. His daughter lived in YOUR home longer than in his so YOU are the custodial parent, not him. The 8332 gives him the exemption and the Child Tax Credit ONLY. He cannot file as Head of Household, claim the EIC, or the Child Care Credit for 2011.

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    IRS publication 501. Qualifying Relative. In theory any person can be claimed as a qualifying relative if they meet the tests and no, HOH status is not a co-requisite. 1. Income less than $3400. 2. You provided more than half of your support. 3. Lived with you entire year. Did not violate local law re cohabitating. 4. She's a US citizen or resident. She doesn't file a married joint return with someone else. 5. She's not a qualifying child of someone else.

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    No you would have had to live with him all year.

    The shelter they provided is still he vast majority of your support. It is actually likely taht your parents can claim you AND you daughter, depending on your age. But certianly they can claim your daughter.

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    My Husband has always claimed me, even before we got married! He was the Sole Provider, I stayed home with our Kids!

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    According to the instructions for Form 1040, you do not qualify as a dependent on your fiance's tax return. However your daughter does.

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    No because you are not married so he can only claim the baby

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