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I think I have anxiety or depression please help!?

I am always just constantly thinking the worst of every situation and stressing about it and it's not normal because it's about stupid things like for example, going to a party, any normal teen can be excited for it an. can't wait to get there but I stress and think of the worst and sometimes I dream about upcoming events and wake up with my heart rate at 112 and sweating and the thought of food makes me sick. I've lost a lot of weight and it unhealthy for me but when I stress I can't eat much and I always stress and I really don't want to :( another thing that scared me ALOT is the weather changing because of 2012 I know it's all stupid but I can't help all of this :( I just want to r normal! please give some tips

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    I have read your other posts--and you are a 15 yr old girl, living in Australia.

    I think you have an anxiety problem--which makes you fear alot of things--and this fuels depression.

    This whole '2012' thing is a hoax. Noone knows when we take our last breath--it could be 50 yrs from now--or it could be 5 minutes from now! It is something you have NO control over--and worrying about it only makes you more fearful and anxious/depressed!

    Anxiety can cause you to have physical illnesses as well as poor sleep, weight loss, etc.

    i would make an appointment with a counselor to talk things out and get a bigger outlook on life--and NOT sweat the small stuff.

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    Try to do things that calm u down. Maybe listen to music. And u should try facing the things that make u anxious. I have that problem and I'm a lot better since I just take a few breaths and I rip paper. Ripping paper helps me take out all the stress without hurting anyone. U should also see a doctor or psychiatrist. Just remember they won't hurt u, they are there to help u

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    I am so happy, it was only a 35 minute drive ( 70 minutes total) but absolutely no sign of anxiety or panic i shopped till I dropped - brilliant! I will now go for the next stage DUAL CARRIAGE way, probably at the weekend, with my husband accompanying me first then the solo drive, if successful the final stage of driving on motorway

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    Well Maybe You Have Anxiety, But Before You Ask Us, Maybe You Should See A Physciatrist They Can Help Diagnose You If Anything And Get You Help That You Need To Fix The Problem (:

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