'Wrap around' Meaning.. Help..?

She wore a black wrap around her shoulders and a sleek white silk sheath.

What is wrap around here? Is it a coat, or a small coat, or a scarf?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think the sentence meant 'a wrap around' as in an item, but she wore a WRAP around her shoulders.

    A wrap is like a piece of cloth or a scarf. And she wrapped it around her shoulders. It's different to a wraparound (one word) which could mean different things like a wraparound skirt (a skirt that you wear by wrapping around your waist) or a wraparound mortgage (which is a real estate term) or wraparound sunglasses (a style of sunglasses that 'wrap around' your face to prevent sunlight coming in from the sides of the glasses).

    Hope that helps!

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