I need help with a attorney for my daughter school for not following proper protocols ?

Child made allegation of child abuse

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  • Remy
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    9 years ago
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    If your child claimed that you abused or neglected her in any way, then the proper protocol is for the teacher to contact Child Protective Services (or your regional equivalent). Teachers are mandated reporters and have no discretion in the matter. If a school's policy regarding reporting incidents conflicts with the state law, the state wins.

  • Geomi
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    9 years ago

    If your daughter made that statement about child abuse against you to the school, you don't need an attorney. What would be appropriate is to go to the school to discuss that particular issue.

    On the other hand, if she made that statement child abuse against a teacher, then you still need goto the school. You must go to the teacher first, then the principal. He/she will discuss the issue with you, then with the teacher and the child. Then, the principal usually will get back with you.

    The same thing should happen if the charge of child abuse was made at school about another child who may be either the victim or the instigator of child abuse at school.

    In all of those situations, please stay locally with the parents, the teacher, the principal, and the school. Until it gets resolved at the school level with the children involved, an attorney may not want such a case as you have. It will be less effective to seek an attorney and less expensive all the way around. The result also should be better. Good luck.

    Source(s): I was a college professor of education at four universities in three states and the District of Columbia. I taught teachers about their communities, the schools, the students, teachers, school principals and the school laws.
  • Barb J
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    9 years ago

    You need what's called a "Civil Litigator."

    Google "Civil Litigation [name of your city]" Then start making phone calls or sending email messages.

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